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The Bertolini Group

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Over thirty years experience . . .

When we were deciding how all this should go together, the one theme that kept recurring was the goal of helping companies and individuals remove obstacles to their achieving the fullness of what has been put in their hands to do.  We realized there were many tools that could bridge both the professional and personal, but, the languages were different.

The Bertolini Group is a consulting consortium dedicated to the professional and personal enrichment of our clients. Our professionaldivision provides sales and management consulting, strategic planning and marketing consulting. Our personal division offers organizational and home culture enrichment, as well as personal development programs.

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Areas of Concentration


For the professional organizations, we offer everything from strategic planning, to marketing and advertising help, management, sales and people skills training. Our own programs and services along with those of our partners deliver a wide breadth of solutions. Here are some examples.

  • Selling to Achieve Results

  • The Personal Sales Inventory


Quite frankly, unless the solution we provide is practical, easy to understand, implement and manage, it’s a classic waste of time. We strive to make every recommendation work specifically for you. And you can ask some of these people how we did it for them.

  • Testimonials

  • Clients


Individual development can range from learning how to better manage relationships to improving your marriage to creating a culture in your home or the need for inner healing. Here are some examples.

  • Sheri’s Organized Life

  • The Freedom Resource


We believe that our relationships with experts in their field, when coupled with our own areas of expertise, allow us to meet or exceed the needs, goals and expectations our clients. Here are some relationships.

  • Teape Training International

  • Horton Group

  • McCabe Duval & Associates

  • Greenwood Performance Systems