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When we were deciding how all this should go together, the one theme that kept recurring was the goal of helping companies and individuals remove obstacles to their achieving the fullness of what has been put in their hands to do.  We realized there were many tools that could bridge both the professional and personal, but, the languages were different.

The Bertolini Group is a consulting consortium dedicated to the professional and personal enrichment of our clients. Our professionaldivision provides sales and management consulting, strategic planning and marketing consulting. Our personal division offers organizational and home culture enrichment, as well as personal development programs.


Sheri Bertolini

A native Kansan, former educator, tennis coach, musician and church administrator, Sheri always had a knack for order and organizing but admits to being somewhat of a compulsive neat freak.

Sheri has moved a total of 21 times, giving her an edge on packing and unpacking, as well as becoming an expert in making items fit in all kinds of spaces–or the lack of it!

Working on a teacher’s salary and trying to make a go of it in “Music City,” Sheri found herself living with families and roommates, learning the art of maximizing storage and decluttering. After leaving the education arena, Sheri moved into the world of music production, working as both musician and administrative help to best-selling author, Karyn Henley.

Working with both creative and administrative endeavors, Sheri learned to keep things organized as she ran her own business and worked as a church administrator.

Then (FINALLY!), she met an amazing Italian man with 3 beautiful daughters and they married in 2003. After combining the two households from Sheri’s condo and Roger’s 3-bedroom house (the 21st location!), Sheri soon tired of tripping over all the stuff in the house and began to purge. She created breathing room and discovered the joy of simplified living. Friends even asked what she and Roger had “done to the house.” While doing mind-numbing data entry, she asked herself “What do I naturally do, without even breathing hard, that could be a service to others?” and a new career in organizing was launched.

Sheri is a speaker, writer, and continues to hone her organizing through networking, training and certification pursuits. As Sheri works, she enjoys her three step daughters, and manages to find time to enjoy her music composing, scoring her first film in 2007. She and her husband, Roger, love entertaining, cooking, travel and are now living the dream of living near the ocean.

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Roger Bertolini

Current co-owner of The Bertolini Group with wife Sheri Smith Bertolini, previously owner of Bertolini & Co. a marketing, consulting and development firm that opened its doors in Franklin,TN in August, 1996. Roger started in the media in radio as an on air announcer. Over the last thirty plus years he has worked as Program Director, General Sales Manager, General Manager and Vice President of Group Sales in radio stations in a variety of market sizes. In 1986 he, along with his partner Bruce Biette began a sales and management, development and consulting company, called DMR Broadcast Consultants, in Portland, Maine, to provide training and consulting services to the broadcast industry. He’s worked with companies from the size of Gannett to small stand-alone operations. In 1996, Bertolini & Co. expanded their services to include seminars and consulting for everything small business, from sales skills to management skills and people skills training.

Roger grew up in Connecticut, and moved to Maine in 1976, where he lived (except for a short stay in Buffalo, NY) until moving to Tennessee in September of 1994 to take on a project there with some local radio stations. Roger lives with his wife Sheri in Colchester, CT and has three incredibly powerful women as daughters, one granddaughter, a grandson and oh yeah, a couple of sons-in-law.

Roger and Sheri also enjoy participating in church ministry. Roger is a trainer and participant the Freedom Prayer Model as taught by The Freedom Resource.


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